Monday, October 06, 2014

Kitchen is getting there

So we took the plunge and decided to redo the whole kitchen.

I'm super excited to have a nice new kitchen, but I am not excited about dealing without a kitchen. I crave baking, sautéing, mixing, chopping, blending, grinding, roasting, and having things in cabinets instead of boxes.

But we made a lot of headway this weekend. I assembled all the cabinets from Ikea and my dad and Kevin got most of them installed, as well as prepped the floor for tile. Next steps are securing the lower cabinets to the walls, installing the counter tops, and installing the sink.

Oh, how I miss having a kitchen sink.

Doing dishes in the bathtub = :(

I can't figure out how to get the photos from my phone onto my blog without lots of work, so just imagine a dirty, gross kitchen transformed to an empty kitchen with cruddy walls with unpainted sheetrock and old backsplash removed then transformed to the same space with about 2/3 of new cabinet frames installed.

Sink, oh sink. How I miss you.

Sorry for the lamenting.

That's our kitchen tale so far.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

We're moved in and 40% settled.

We finally moved into our house in Pennsylvania. A lot has been happening since we got to PA, but luckily we survived two and a half weeks in a hotel. (Winnie's night terrors did not help us much, but like I said, we survived.)

Our household goods made it safely from storage in SC and despite finding out some interesting quirks of our house, we are sort of settling in. I've managed to paint three rooms and hang some pictures. We are redoing the kitchen because the bottom cabinets have bad water damage. So I've yet to unpack any kitchen stuff. We are living off of take-out, microwaveable stuff, occasionally a crock pot meal, and once in a while a grilled meal. Luckily Kevin's dad has been able to come and redo a bunch of electrical work, move some gas lines, and redo some plumbing. We decided to purchase Ikea kitchen cabinets because they were the most economical, and they will arrive on Saturday, October 4. So we will be assembling cabinets for a while after that and then hopefully installing them soon after that. Hopefully. This has been a learning process for us and I've dreaded living in a construction zone, but we've been living in limbo for so long that it's not much different. I'm just really looking forward to making homemade, healthy, non-prepackaged or take-out food. One day, one day...

My pregnancy is going fine. This kid will probably come out with a third arm or something because of all the crap I've eaten due to minimal ability to make good food, but maybe the third arm will come in handy fixing all the problems with our house.

Other than my general impatience to finally living a regular lifestyle that does not involve two trips to the hardware store a day, we are all fine and dandy. The girls are doing well and Kevin likes his job and I'm sleeping pretty well, so life is good. I think Pennsylvania will be an excellent experience for us...once I have a completed kitchen.

Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Beach, Pennsylvania, Saudi Arabia...later?

News Update:

1. I do not like living at the beach. I do not like living in someone else's house. I miss my stuff. Shallow, I am. Yes.

2. Baby number 3 is on the way. Due in early Feb. Feeling fine-ish. Nauseated and very tired all the time. I have energy from waking up till about 2, then I'm useless.

3. Saudi Arabia has been delayed. Visa-issuing problems and other issues have arisen so we are putting ARAMCO on the back burner, but Kevin will still continue to actively pursue a job there.

4. So instead, he is looking at working at a company called Lutron (dimmer-switch inventor people) in Pennsylvania, about an hour north of Philly. We went there last week for an interview for Kevin and to just visit the area and we fell in love. Hopefully that will work out. We will know something within the next week or so.

5. It's hot at the beach. I do not like hot.

6. I've been very complainy. I blame pregnancy. What else can I blame? Because it's not my fault. I'm perfect. *I forgive your eye rolling.*

That's all. I miss everyone very much. And I can't wait to resume a normal life in which we have a schedule and routine. And our own house. And our stuff. And closet space. And all my clothes. And my pots and pans. And knives. And a pantry. And and and...

Monday, June 23, 2014

We are still alive.

We are all still alive and well. I feel like we've fallen off the face of the earth, but we haven't. We've been back and forth between Columbia and the beach a whole bunch. I don't think we have been at one location for longer than 7 days. So lots of traveling.

Our plans have changed slightly. Saudi has been postponed a bit and now Kevin is looking for jobs somewhere in the US till we can get to Saudi. That is still our long term goal. 

Have no clue where we will end up but the time line is still to figure that out before Sept. 15. 

So we've just been beach-in' it up, park-in' it up, and car-ride-in' it up. We are fully entrenched in limbo living. It's not my favorite but it's working. I'll just be glad for September (as we will hopefully - fingers crossed - know by then where we will be living and potentially even be living there). 

Blog posts will be few and far between. Sorry. And there won't be any photos because uploading photos costs too much data on our internet plan. But I'm on Instagram and there are almost daily posts there.

Hope everyone is well and have a fantastical summer! Toodles!