Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Beach, Pennsylvania, Saudi Arabia...later?

News Update:

1. I do not like living at the beach. I do not like living in someone else's house. I miss my stuff. Shallow, I am. Yes.

2. Baby number 3 is on the way. Due in early Feb. Feeling fine-ish. Nauseated and very tired all the time. I have energy from waking up till about 2, then I'm useless.

3. Saudi Arabia has been delayed. Visa-issuing problems and other issues have arisen so we are putting ARAMCO on the back burner, but Kevin will still continue to actively pursue a job there.

4. So instead, he is looking at working at a company called Lutron (dimmer-switch inventor people) in Pennsylvania, about an hour north of Philly. We went there last week for an interview for Kevin and to just visit the area and we fell in love. Hopefully that will work out. We will know something within the next week or so.

5. It's hot at the beach. I do not like hot.

6. I've been very complainy. I blame pregnancy. What else can I blame? Because it's not my fault. I'm perfect. *I forgive your eye rolling.*

That's all. I miss everyone very much. And I can't wait to resume a normal life in which we have a schedule and routine. And our own house. And our stuff. And closet space. And all my clothes. And my pots and pans. And knives. And a pantry. And and and...

Monday, June 23, 2014

We are still alive.

We are all still alive and well. I feel like we've fallen off the face of the earth, but we haven't. We've been back and forth between Columbia and the beach a whole bunch. I don't think we have been at one location for longer than 7 days. So lots of traveling.

Our plans have changed slightly. Saudi has been postponed a bit and now Kevin is looking for jobs somewhere in the US till we can get to Saudi. That is still our long term goal. 

Have no clue where we will end up but the time line is still to figure that out before Sept. 15. 

So we've just been beach-in' it up, park-in' it up, and car-ride-in' it up. We are fully entrenched in limbo living. It's not my favorite but it's working. I'll just be glad for September (as we will hopefully - fingers crossed - know by then where we will be living and potentially even be living there). 

Blog posts will be few and far between. Sorry. And there won't be any photos because uploading photos costs too much data on our internet plan. But I'm on Instagram and there are almost daily posts there.

Hope everyone is well and have a fantastical summer! Toodles!

Friday, May 09, 2014

New Address

Hello, everyone.

We are in the midst of moving. Stuff is gone. We are just cleaning up the house.

We roll out of Alabama on Sunday and into Shaw AFB in Sumter, SC on Sunday night. We will be there for a day or two, then we'll keep on rolling on until we get to Myrtle Beach.

Our new address will be 412 38th Avenue S in North Myrtle Beach.

Pictures of all our adventures as soon as we officially move into the beach house and get internet hooked up and our computer assembled.

Please say an extra prayer for us to continue having a peaceful moving experience!

:) Toodles!

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Easter cuteness

It's late again, but I wanted to share some Easter photos with you.

 photo DSC_0399_zpsf1a8818e.jpg

This is isn't too bad, considering I had to do a self-timer and grab a runaway Winnie.

See that weird blueish gray cast on my hair? You do? Yeah. That's not due to bad lighting. Those are my grays. I earned one for every day Kevin was gone. Per girl. Per hour. Plus a few bonus ones here and there.

Last year's Easter pictures turned out so cute of the two girls that I tried to recreate the cuteness. It wasn't exactly the same, but I did get some funny expressions from Winnie.

 photo DSC_0405_zps16cddb70.jpg

 photo DSC_0403_zpsfa7c539a.jpg

 photo DSC_0424_zps7d7e3ba5.jpg

Eden was not feeling any genuine happiness so her smiles all look fake and cheesy, but that's okay. She was a better picture taker than Winnie was.

 photo DSC_0446_zpsbc6b11f1.jpg

 photo DSC_0457_zps1ef90376.jpg

At least my subjects are fun to look at. :)

 photo DSC_0473_zpsef9eff3c.jpg