Thursday, July 16, 2015

May, June, and July

Life is certainly barreling right along.

What's been happening in the last few months?

In May, Eden turned 5. I can't believe I have a little girl who isn't a toddler any more. She's so helpful (almost all the time) and mature and loves her little sisters (most of the time).

 photo DSC_0096_zpsl5jmmwbs.jpg

She loves to dress up in skirts and dresses and does her own hair and cares very much about what accessories to use each day.

 photo DSC_0139_zpsoeu1czdw.jpg

She's learning to read and add and subtract and can count to 100 and fold laundry like a champion.

 photo DSC_0128_zps02bvoxvq.jpg

What can I say? I love her.

 photo DSC_0146_zpsezahkhbk.jpg

Then Kevin's sisters, Mairead and Claire, and Claire's little boy Benson came to for a visit. It was a fun-filled all-aunts-all-the-time fun fest!

 photo DSC_0245_zpsmhqzbyz8.jpg

 photo DSC_0188_zpstucwagdr.jpg

 photo DSC_0184_zpsoqaqqbgh.jpg

 photo DSC_0176_zpsiszjuidl.jpg

 photo DSC_0208_zpsyvjqkvwu.jpg

I completely forgot to take 3-month-old photos of Jillian in May, so in June I made sure to take 4-month-old photos.

 photo DSC_0281_zpsbrpjrkmu.jpg
Then the 4th of July rolled around and we spent the day with our friends having a picnic at their house.

 photo DSC_0443_zpss4lubucf.jpg

Jillian turned 5-months-old in July. She's scooching around, sitting up almost unassisted, and chewing on everything. She loves to be tickled, especially by Kevin's head.

 photo DSC_0115_zpsiwpohffu.jpg

 photo DSC_0114_zps0ezgh6bi.jpg

 photo DSC_0142_zps0q3zgj2g.jpg

 photo DSC_0175_zpsmvt8p8xg.jpg

 photo DSC_0396_zpsztj3pc4h.jpg

I also gave her some solid foods this month. A little melon, egg yolks, watermelon, and apricot.

 photo DSC_0402_zpspi6rtzxz.jpg

 photo DSC_0429_zpshj22zvui.jpg

 photo DSC_0432_zpsp7hspksj.jpg

 photo DSC_0344_zpsxuayi7zf.jpg

And finally a shot with Kevin and all his girls.

 photo DSC_0441_zpsrcoxw4es.jpg

Have a great summer!

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Shooting for one post every month

Since I haven't been the best at keeping up with the blog regularly, but I do still use it as a way to share the photos I take with my good camera, I think I'm lowering my own expectations to try to write a new post once a month. I may be able to handle that. And because I'm feeling ambitious, I'm going to do April's today. (It's better to get stuff done earlier rather than later, right? Says she who is ALWAYS late.)

Anyway, April shenanigans included Easter, Winnie's third birthday non-party (no presents, no party hats, just friends and cupcakes), and Jillian's two-month photos (taken twice because I wasn't a fan of the first batch).


So I'll go ahead and confess that we don't do the Easter bunny...or Santa for that matter. We've told our girls they are pretend and while very fun to think about, Easter and Christmas are celebrations about Jesus Christ and not an oversized rabbit with candy or a fat dude giving out presents. But I'm not a complete parental scrooge, so we did do Easter baskets filled with no candy (because you do NOT want to be around Winnie on candy - think crazed wind-up toy that at any moment explodes into tantrum-y screaming) but lots of Easter books (about Christ), art supplies, and puzzles.

 photo DSC_0167_zpsfzcirhzx.jpg

 photo DSC_0177_zpsnzgndxcs.jpg

 photo DSC_0172_zps1xqcksmc.jpg

 photo DSC_0174_zps5dddpnrc.jpg

Later, Kevin was so exhausted from the activities that he and Jillian fell asleep on the couch together.

 photo DSC_0181_zpsavipyibe.jpg

Next up, Jillian at 2 months old.

Like I said before, I took these twice because the first batch wasn't my favorite. However, I got some candids of Winnie (who always wants her picture taken) and Jillian that crack me up.

This one is nice.

 photo DSC_0094_zps7yvcjhzw.jpg

These next two make me laugh.

 photo DSC_0099_zpsibf9yx5f.jpg

 photo DSC_0103_zpstxyyx0xe.jpg

Here's the second attempt:

 photo DSC_0225_zpsol9zifxf.jpg

 photo DSC_0223_zpstc57sico.jpg

And the obligatory "TAKE MY PHOTO NOW TOO, MOMMY!" photo:

 photo DSC_0257_zps7nzx5rd6.jpg

Finally, Winnie's third birthday. We had a non-party at our house. I made cupcakes with pink frosting (because pink is currently her favorite color) and we invited some friends of hers and their parents over to eat the 4 dozen cupcakes I made.

 photo DSC_0276_zpswbatcx2u.jpg

 photo DSC_0278_zpsk8wrqbw9.jpg

 photo DSC_0284_zpsvg2ehc1m.jpg

 photo DSC_0295_zpsl89eoz9e.jpg

And there ya have it. Nothing else much is going on in April other than us hanging outside and enjoying the weather (while Kevin works on improving our backyard and making it more kid-friendly).

One more photo just because this photo is such a good representation of Winnie in every day life. A mess. A goofball. Bursting with personality. And love. And one heck of a tantrum thrower.

 photo DSC_0300_zps9ohqpdrg.jpg

Saturday, March 28, 2015

She came in like a lion, but once out she's a lamb.

This is probably the face you're making right now due to your shock that I've actually updated my blog.

 photo DSC_0061_zpsegautyot.jpg

I'll do a brief overview of January, February, and March (since March is almost over as it is).

We started January off properly with confetti poppers on New Year's morning. Eden loved them. Winnie thought they were loud.

 photo DSC_0029_zpsyl59prf7.jpg

 photo DSC_0004_zpsgwk69zmy.jpg

February brought us our first visit to Philly with the girls, lots of snow, and our third baby!

We took them to the see the Philly LDS temple being built in the heart of center city. And of course, for ice cream at Franklin's Fountain (my second home in Philly).

 photo DSC_0037_zps5cp4xsqf.jpg

On February 9, our third baby, a little girl (eventually) named Jillian was born in the wee morning hours at home in our basement in a birth pool.

This is our midwife weighing her about an hour after she was born.

 photo DSC_0060_zpssqygbuzh.jpg

The girls' first time meeting her the next morning:

 photo DSC_0116_zpsfjvrztui.jpg

Winnie LOVES her baby sister. Wants to hold her constantly. Kisses her all the time. Jillian's the last person she wants to hug right before she goes to sleep each night.

 photo DSC_0134_zpsl57nfvap.jpg

Eden loves being a big sister and being in charge. She's very helpful. "Mommy, the baby's crying!" is a sentence I hear all the time. She always wants to look at her when her eyes are open. "Are her eyes open, Momma? I want to see if her eyes are open. Look! They're open! They're open!"

 photo DSC_0192_zpso78wdmi9.jpg

Winnie is quite generous. Case in point:

 photo DSC_0241_zpsrtzxbmxh.jpg

That's her thumb. Who needs a pacifier when you can suck on your older sister's thumb? Pre-slobbered and everything.

Sometimes it's tiring being the oldest sister.

 photo DSC_0236_zpszzm8olle.jpg

Sleeping babies are great.

 photo DSC_0355_zpssq2g9dr2.jpg

Then a week after Jillian was born, we started having family visitors for three weeks straight.

Here are all the grandchildren of Kevin's parents. I have provided all the grandchildren for my parents.

 photo DSC_0012_zpst9vksfht.jpg

And finally here is Jillian at one month old. Today she's already almost 7 weeks old. I'm going to try to take monthly photos like I kind of did with Winnie. Who knows if I'll actually follow through?

 photo DSC_0038_zps7vo8tax4.jpg

Taking posing suggestions from her helpful older sisters:

 photo DSC_0045_zpsef0eu4ei.jpg

Jillian is a great baby. Sleeps lots. Eats lots. Grows lots. Doesn't cry lots. Toots lots. We love her.

 photo DSC_0056_zps4zil68py.jpg